Can you spare some soothing

Not another depressive blog post about suffering… About the mundane things in life getting to you. How about a lot of bothersome things consecutively, all at once, one after the other? Will that justify it?

A baby in front of you crying during a 4-hour flight,
The AC not working at full capacity during 90F degree weather,
A vibrating-humming noise coming from the apartment below,
Breaking your favorite glass while doing the dishes,
A guy having a loud conversation next to your dinner table,
Your kitchen getting clogged for absolutely no reason,
Going to the supermarket and forgetting the very thing you came for,
Roosters waking you up at 4am after at 18-hour day…

I can keep going…
They may be small things, but all at once, it’s too much, eventually it breaks you. I’m just tired.

You can’t quit life. I mean, yes. You can achieve the eternal slumber, but at the highest cost possible, and leaving behind a trail of suffering.

You can maybe get the fuck out of the city, go towards the mountains, the rural areas. But then, how are you gonna pay the bills, what are you going to say to the people around you, is disappearing enough?

What’s left? The big asteroid? Nah, not gonna happen. At least not during this lifetime.

There’s no escape. Some people are wired to take it and suffer, others power through and surpass it, the smallest amount don’t even have to deal with things that affect them, call them ‘privileged.’

The shortest distance between getting through a bad time and a good night sleep is half a bottle of whiskey.

Yes, you can quote me on that.


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