About online morons, society and democracy

I spend most of my time reading on the internet, seeing news, trying to learn new things, having a laugh, or just spending my time procrastinating.

There are times when I go into spaces where I know there will be controversial discussions, and I’ll read both sides, of course. But, beyond who is right or wrong, who brings a good debate with facts and who offers an emotional speech, the most impressive thing of all is realizing the number of people who do not know basic definitions of politics, geography, business, etc.

They access the web, create a profile and start talking nonsense without any fear. “It’s my opinion, and I have the right to say it.” Ok, yes, but at least don’t talk about what you don’t know, or at least try not to navigate into the deep waters of topics which you don’t have the slightest idea about.

It never ceases to amaze me how brave and determined they are; day after day they engage in social media, spread erroneous statements, get corrected, insulted, avoid all kinds of critical reasoning / learning / reflection, leave the conversation thinking they were right, and repeat the same cycle the next day.

These are people who have families, work in esteemed careers, make decisions that affect our daily lives, and of course, have the same voting power as a person with the ability to think logically.

In short, a democracy filled with disproportionate wealthy and educated classes, will continue failing.


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