Fully booked for September

Today, I finally started to abandon the depressive rut I was in, and got productive. Decided to organize my calendar for the next month and plan ahead my financials.

Guess what? I got clients booked for 20 days, plus a 6-day trip to see my mom out of state. That’s 26 out of 30, or 87% of my month already scheduled. Now add regular work, personal things, cooking, living, doing the laundry, writing this post every day, dealing with people, etc… You get the idea. It’s gonna be a fun-filled month.

The only thing I hope for is no more +85F degree days. Hell, no more 80F degree days. Now, that’s decent weather.

Maybe everything will be alright. Or at least I settle for less bad because the way things are going, right here in the US, I’m not optimistic one bit.

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