Your Credit Card statement has arrived; click here to make payment

Why is that I’m earning more money now, but my expenses keep getting higher, and credit card payments bigger? How does this work? Before, I earned less, and had less to pay. Now I work more, get paid more, have less free time, but more debt.

– Checks credit card statement-

3 premium streaming subscriptions, Costco every two weeks, hotels, bottles of alcohol, electronics, Amazon binging…

– Checks investments-

40% increase on crypto spending, 10% increase on stocks, savings account hanging on for dear life.

-Checks cash on hand-

Rent is due in 2 days.

Ok, I get it, makes sense. Now… How do I stop?

I already have an upcoming trip this week and 2 more trips planned in the winter. Those are already programmed, and I have to take the hit.

Holy shit, Christmas shopping is only 3 months away. January renews all my websites and domains. February is Valentine’s. March-May are hot bdays months. And then we’re in traveling during the summer, yet again.

Fuck, I will never recover financially.

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