Yes, I know it’s the Internet, but try to play nice and don’t take it personally

Sometimes, when I get bored, I go to Reddit, join a board and post something that I’m sure will get some replies. Nothing important, it could literally be something inconsequential. For example, go to a racing video game board, and ask “Why do so many people say X car is the best? I have it and don’t even use it”.

I shit you not. In less than 10 minutes, users will start insulting and replying all kinds of hateful comments. This can last for EASILY a day or two. Of course, I mute the thread and only read some comments every hour or so. Not even gonna respond to anything, LMAO. I’m a veteran internet user. I don’t let it get to me, nor do I think they are shit people to the bone.

I genuinely think there is a general disconnect between the person you are in real life, and the person you are when replying on the web (anonymous or not), you probably have different sets of personality.

Same thing goes with online customer service chats. I can’t even imagine the amount of disrespect those people get every single day. If it’s through the telephone and customers double down on rude behavior, behind a screen, typing, no voice, must be 10 thousand times worse.

People forget they are responding to another human being on the other side of the screen. Some take advantage of this, and double down on the hate: Trolls. Others accept the web as an extension of their ego, and blend their personality with ill-mannered behavior.

The truth is: “The Internet” is not a nice place, and most normal people can’t/won’t be able to just stop reading or ignore them and leave. If they fall into a ‘bad area’ with a comment section, they’ll break.

I’ll leave you with the wise words of Tyler the Creator:
“Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha N**ga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like N**ga Close Your Eyes Haha”


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