Near to medium future incoming, and fast

The plan is to make a play in the market that will net me $100k en 2-3 years (maybe earlier).

I’ll cash out, then take like a 15%-25% mugging from the government, and that will leave me with roughly $75k in my pocket. Clean.

What will I do with that money? Slightest fucking idea, maybe a good down payment to buy a house, even if I don’t live it and just rent it out. Fuck it.

Financial crashes every couple of years, real estate bubble near bursting levels, summers getting hotter every July, winters getting colder every January, everything costs more, salaries are not enough…

What is there to look for in the future?

I’m too grounded and pessimistic to actually think I can carry out a plan 5 years from now. Five years ago I would’ve never thought I would travel parts of the world, live through a pandemic that killed millions, prolong my living situation in Ohio, write a daily blog for a year, start a new job, and have a high-risk financial portfolio.

Think of my retirement? At this age? “What are you going to do when you’re older?” Well, from the looks of it: Die. Can’t escape it.

Still have to travel a bit more, still have to read and write a few more books, still have to finish a few more bottles of single malt, still have to go to a FIFA World Cup, still have to see Max Verstappen win a few titles more, still have to repeat The Sopranos a few more times…

I can rest easily knowing that at least those are the things that are under my control, and very few events can eliminate them from my imminent future, (yes, including the Verstappen one).


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