Traveling means (most of the time) great food and art

When I’m on a trip, about 60% of my planning revolves around my meals (including cocktails); the other 30% is art, and the remaining 10% is entertainment.

Let me give you an example for, let’s say tomorrow, Monday. If there’s no food in the apartment, we’re staying in, then the first thing I plan tonight is “do I wake up early to get groceries, and cook a nice breakfast in the morning or do I leave the house and directly go get something to eat BEFORE I officially start my day?”

Here’s another example: Oh, I wanted to visit this Cuban restaurant on the other side of town. We could go to the museum right after breakfast, and start getting closer to the place we’re having lunch.

Last one: Ok, it’s fine. We’ll go have dinner at this restaurant, then walk a couple of blocks to the show, and keep going to a cocktail bar nearby.

You see? Everything works out. My priorities are set. When you plan around your meals, there’s less improvisation, no hangryness and of course, more happiness (at least 3 times a day).

Go ahead and try it out. First research, then make a list.
I guarantee that your trips will be 100% better with this method.


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