Wasting my dream-time on power washing and doing the dishes

Been dreaming way more real dreams; ones where I actually have control over my actions and what’s gonna happen immediately. Cause and effect thought out during the dream state.

It’s not like I’m jumping off a cliff, spreading my wings, turning into a majestic flying creature and racing against a fighter plane over the mountains; that’s too fantastic. It’s more like, me opening the door to my apartment and seeing an anthropomorphic figure hiding in the room. Then, saying to myself, “I don’t want to use violence to get rid of this thing. I just want to feel safe and be alright. This is a dream, let me ignore it, and it will go away or maybe wake up IRL, reset. Then continue my dream again.”

Not going to lie, it’s pretty cool. But at the same time, it’s getting ridiculous. You would think I would have more fun or try to fantasize more with the possibilities of the dream world, but no. It’s basically reality 4.0 with the added benefit of no consequences (besides the night sweats and/or state of sudden anxiety in the middle of the night).

I’ve yet to have a ‘badtrip’ while doing this. Not researching at all, nor looking for any supplemental information about this. I’m letting it flow organically, no pressure, no planning, no expectations. If it happens, cool. If it doesn’t, coo. But it’s something getting more common over the past year.

Who knows… Maybe I’m connecting myself to another plane, another ‘dimension’ where I’m myself, but not exactly me. Or maybe when I’m sleeping is when I access the ‘real life’, and this is just a simulation. I could go on, start getting meta, and emulate an overexcited 1st-2nd year philosophy class major, but I’ll spare you (for now).


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