The Queen of England has died

Ok, listen…  
I want to be serious, concise and approach this topic with a clear head.

Don’t want to get THAT political here, BUT:

No tears for the Queen.

Recognize the atrocities committed by the British Empire (her direct family) all over the world. Genocide and famine were spread to their colonies, whole countries were sacked and pillaged in the name of the Royal family. Cultures, communities and histories were destroyed. Resources were depleted to maintain the monarchy alive. To this day, the global south still hurts because of their actions.

No tears for the Queen.

A classist and warmongering ’noble’ family that has produced very questionable human beings in recent history, living off other countries’ wealth, and hoarding riches while supporting generational colonialism, imperialism and slave trade.

Didn’t want to get THAT political here, BUT:

Absolutely no sympathy for evil human beings and the systems and institutions they use to prolong their reign of suffering for years to come.

Check your facts and basic history, then get it together, fam.


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