Where are all my “I hate doing the laundry” comrades?

Out of ALL the house chores, the only one I truly detest is doing the laundry, and everything that comes with it (hamper carrying, washer loading, transfer to dryer, then the folding, hanging and putting in the closet/drawer). Let’s say the whole process takes a solid 2 hours, maybe even 3? And the worst of all is the waiting, and the multiple steps to it. There’s no shortcut from start to finish.

I will happily cook, do the dishes, sweep, mop, organize closets, vacuum carpets, clean the whole bathroom, clean the stove, brush the pans, dust the ceiling fans, pull out weeds, empty the gutters, take out the trash… (you get the idea, right?)

Ok, no, let me add something else besides doing the laundry: Putting new sheets and pillow cases on the bed. That’s a close #2, but damn, it feels so nice when you finally lay on it.

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