Work advice, lesson, wisdom… Get it, and improve your quality of life

For better or worse, I decided very early in my adult life that the vertical career path was not for me. Starting entry-level, climb up the ranks, grind every day, promotions, reach new corporate levels, get the bread, get the position, achieve “success”. Just imagining all this disgusts me. I cannot fathom how people do this for decades without any change.

I won’t lie. There are moments when I look back and wonder what my life would have been like now if I had followed a more ‘ordinary’ path towards prosperity.

Beyond the money you need to live according to the lifestyle you want, the analysis is simple:

– Do you want to work a steady or flexible schedule?

– Is money your goal?

– Is recognition your goal?

– Do you want busy or more relaxed work days?

– Do you need to work to keep occupied or do you know how to manage free time own your own?

In my case, I knew from a young age what my priorities were:

Freedom, flexibility, peace of mind.

Waking up relatively early, having my morning coffee without any rush, quick/long breakfast or lunch, doesn’t matter.

Money and recognition is second tier.

I just need to be able to lower my workload at my own pace during the day, no bosses micromanaging, no unnecessary stress, minimal supervision (preferably none), oh, also… 


Remote writer/editor/copywriter in the comfort of my home (or wherever I want to bring my macbook and connect to WIFI) is the ideal job. Sure, I always look for some extra work or project if the money is good and it doesn’t require that much stress, nor effort.

The lesson to be learned is: Know what you want (or what you don’t want). Sometimes it takes a few years of trial and error before getting it right. But listen to this, once you find that working sweet spot where you can live the life you want, with the least amount of work, you’ll understand that it was all worth it.


Repeat after me: I will prioritize both mental and physical health. I will prioritize both mental and physical health. I will prioritize both mental and physical health. I will prioritize both mental and physical health.


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