Probably, one of the worst kind of bosses you could ever encounter

I think the only thing worse than a micromanager boss, is a ‘wait till the job is finished, then I’ll come in and change everything according to whatever the fuck I want’. Does that have a specific name besides being a total unprofessional piece of shit?

Because, let me tell you, I work with one. Well, not exactly work together. More like, we are in the same company, but our paths meet maybe 2-4 times a year (thank god), and they’re more than enough for me to consider quitting right there on the spot and go find another job anywhere, literally doing anything else. Some people have to deal with him EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here, I’m gonna give you an example:

“Hey, we need this done ASAP”
– Shit, ok, I’ll get on it. What exactly are the details?
“I’ll email you [wrong, incomplete, and disorganized information]”

–> A short amount of time passes, but the task at hand is finished within the established deadline and up to high quality standards considering the circumstances <–

“Is it ready?”
-Yes, here it is.
“Mmm, Nice job. I love it. Let me make some tweaks to it before going live.”

–> Completely changes the work to whatever his vision is at the moment, even if it’s wrong or redundant, then proceeds to tell you why his version is better than yours, and hopes that in the future, he doesn’t have to step in to help out because he’s so busy doing the same thing to other departments <–

And do you want to know what is the fucking worse of all? He actually thinks he’s killing it. Everyone else is below him (even if they have more years of experience, certificates, bachelors, masters, etc. about that specific topic.) because he went to a weekend seminar or read a book about the thing you spent the better part of your adult life learning.

Fuck him, and fuck people like him. Arrogant, narcissistic, good-for-nothing assholes with a superiority complex.


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