The closest thing to a perfect visit, is now coming to an end

Tonight is the last night, and then we’re back to normal.

Too much alcohol, too much food, too much driving, too much spending…
Too little sleep, too little rest, too little work accomplished, too little planning…

But the most important thing of all, the fundamental thing in all this, is that the best possible time was provided, and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Isn’t that the ideal goal? You’re arriving to a place that you do not know, and the person hosting you makes time for you and does everything to make you feel comfortable; creating memorable days in good company.

That’s it. It cannot be questioned. There is nothing more to say. Not a single complaint.

I’m a lucky guy. Things are done either for love, for satisfaction or for pleasure; in this case, it was all of the above.

Few people in life have total access to my thoughts, my time, my intimacy, my being. I can count them on one hand and with fingers to spare. That’s a good thing, and I will never let it go to waste.


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