1st day of normalcy: Done.

Still a lot of work, but I returned to my apartment, had a routine schedule to follow, and will sleep in my own bed tonight.

My brain and body are still on alert, dead tired, in desperate need of some rest (which will arrive come Friday. Only 48 hours more).

Easing my way back into the healthy diet, hopefully by Monday it will be back to normal. Exercises will resume tomorrow. That’s the plan.

The next obstacle will be the weekend. Trying to keep everything under control without splurging or indulging like every day of the past week.

The goal right now, today, is to finish work and go right to sleep. Ideally, by 11:30 already in bed. But that’s never gonna happened. If I’m lucky, I’ll be done before midnight. A full 7-hour sleep sounds divine.

Fingers crossed


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