Things I rather endure instead of spending alone time with a person I Dislike [list]

My free time is the most important thing I possess. My availability is very limited. This is why I choose who I give it to. My time, my choice. I work hard enough to be able to enjoy those hours a week when I have no responsibilities.

BUT, but…

Sometimes, you are obligated to spend time with certain people against your will. Whereas it’s family, a friend of a friend, the partner of a person you like, colleague, etc… Why are we obligated to be around people we dislike? Why? To be courteous? Social etiquette? Just being nice? No.

If there was a system where I can do something, and I’m automatically exempt from spending time with a specific person, no strings attached, I would do it in an instant. Even if it’s only ONE HOUR with them, I’ll prefer to do something else.

That being said, here’s the list:

1- Walk half a mile barefoot through a LEGO path
2- Wear a heavy winter jacket under a whole 90F-degree day (only one shower allowed)
3- Get a 24-hour stomach virus
4- Only be allowed to watch C-SPAN for a whole week
5- Clean a truckers’ stop bathroom for five shifts (or a Taco Bell)
6- Be forced to eat steamed unseasoned chicken for 3 times a day for a whole week
7- Wash an SUV with a toothbrush
8- Babysit babies and toddlers for free every weekend for a month
9- Explain to my mom how to set up the router and create a crypto account via phone call
10- Live in Florida


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