What to watch? Easy, go to “My List”

The comfort I find in rewatching old series and movies is unparalleled. There’s no other feeling like it. In the (almost) infinite amount of content to stream at the touch of your fingertips.

I can’t just start watching what the algorithm recommends me, what all other people are watching, what I think I may like (based on what? Cast, trailer, publicity?) NO.

How am I gonna commit X amount of hours, my precious time, to something I don’t even know if it’s going to be good?. No fucking way. Between work, exercise, personal life, I barely have ANY time left at all. Series and movies need to be researched beforehand. It’s a time investment.

There are nights when I just read and search for the next things I’m going to watch. A meticulous process where I verify critics, ratings, directors, screenwriters, personal recommendations… It could take a couple of 1-hour sessions. And finally I add them to “MY LIST”.

Now is when it gets interesting.

Some nights (very rare nights) I have 1-3 hours of free time. What to do? Let’s watch something! After a brief 5-10 minute thinking period that ultimately ends in failure to remember of what I wanted to watch next, I surrender and place my confidence on the person I trust the most: Me.

Go directly to “MY LIST” and pick something from there. There’s no doubt. I have complete faith in “past me”. I know he did the due diligence and left the work done for “future me”, the person that now has the need of picking something.

After searching “the list”, I pick something. And you know what? Guess… There’s like an 80% chance I’m rewatching some of my favorite series or movies that have never left my bookmarks section.

You know why?

Because nice surprises can wait, but life is too precious for disappointments, especially when you have limited time to enjoy it.


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