Round and round, we go; up and down; we go

Almost reached my limit this week. Had a few things already brewing after an intense weekend, and a couple of surprise freeze warnings threw me completely off my game. AND IT’S NOT EVEN WINTER YET!

Fuck… Looking back just a few days ago, what a difference between the today, yesterday and tomorrow. Sometimes all you need is a single off day to equalize.

I guess this is what some people, (I mean, a lot of people) feel every day without any possibility of shaking it off, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, reaching the finish line of wellbeing.

It’s dark, and it gets darker. The cold only makes it worse. No one can reach you, even if they try, if you’re not ready (or well) it will all be to no avail.

The weekend starts tomorrow,
The temperature will reach +70F again,
Happiness is right around the corner (hopefully)
Then it will happen again.


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