Long-hard Friday, but with a Saturday Reward in the Horizon

Today has possibly been one of the days that I have worked the most recently. More than the work itself, it was the other errands added, and the VARIOUS trips I had to make multiple times.

Suddenly, you realized you’ve been out of the house all day, you’re in the middle of your exercise routine, and by the time you shower and get ready, it’s already midnight.

“Why are you doing this?”
Well, for the money.
“Then why are you complaining?”
Well, because I still have some energy.

Tomorrow is another long day of doing more things, being responsible and having to drive to a far place and back… BUT this time, there are several prizes when I reach the finish line.

From sleeping 8 hours and getting up without the sound of alarms, to a full night of being quiet, alone, watching series and movies. And I haven’t even mentioned the best of all: My cheat meal.

Picking the perfect meal you’ve been waiting a week for requires a lot of planning and thought. All so that, that same day, before thinking about the options, you do the same you always do, and order a pizza (or several, who’s judging). But this time it will be different, I know it. I already have the dessert in the freezer, and also quality ingredients to cook myself something savory.

What will happen? I don’t know.

I do know that I still have to deal with everything else first before even thinking about what awaits for me at the end of the finish line.

I’m focused. I’m strong. I will eat my cheat meal and some ice cream without any remorse.


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