Midterm elections [brief reflection]

No, I won’t get “that” political. But I have to ask questions…

First, some things that are easy to accept: 

A powerful person will vote to maintain power (or get more power). 
A rich person will vote to stay rich (or get richer).

If the status quo benefits you, then you’ll agree with the measures to maintain the status quo (or tip the scales in your favor).

Yea? Sound straight-line logic. Not much to add there.

Ok, now…

Why is it that poor people still vote for people that will make living conditions worst for them, because they literally say what they’ll do?

Why is it that immigrants vote for people that will fight to keep other immigrants from coming into the country, just like they did before or their parents/grandparents?

Why is it that blue collar people vote for people that won’t improve working conditions, nor fight for more workers rights?

I’m not even gonna start getting into what we should do with the tax system.

A political system that holds a nation hostage by voting for the same two parties filled by millionaires for decades, is not a democracy. It’s an oligarchy with extra steps to provide a simulation of what a democracy should be.

If we aren’t voting to help everyone’s lives (or at least the most of the people in the country), to create fairer, livable and working conditions, then this thing we call democracy has failed.


One response to “Midterm elections [brief reflection]”

  1. What you say about democracy does make sense to me. Maybe this system is not going to change unless people change and learn to think for themselves a bit more.. Most people like to think only what they are told to think or expected to think!

    We should have leaders, that are concerned for the wellbeing of everyone, not just the wellbeing of the elite. It is com,plicated. Maybe, peopla always just get the government that they deserve.

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