Good News Monday! Is this real life?

Finished a few days that were quite heavy charged and intense.
Three clients paid me today.
Everyone was extremely happy with my work.
I returned to my house and will be sleeping there for a full week (at least) without interruptions.
My entire apartment is organized and spotless.
100% of my laundry is clean, 100% of my pantry is stocked, 100% of my freezer is full.
I started a new series, I started a new video game, I started a new diet.

When does the bad news arrive?
I’m on-guard and wide-awake with excellent stance.
On any other day I could be brought down, but this week it’s different, I have the light, I have the strength.

Is this is what you want from me?!
What else is there to pay!?
I’m not afraid.
Bring it.
I’m ready.


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