Countdown to the end

I have about 30 more days left of this blog to fulfill my promise of a whole year publishing a post daily. I will miss it, especially the nights when I really had to express myself to feel better; and the moments that I had the time and clarity to better organize my ideas for the reader’s enjoyment.

It seems to me that I will keep the blog open. I’m almost 100% sure, but less frequently of course, and writing more personal pieces, not this diary dynamic. I don’t know if I’ll still use this same space, or even my real name.

Anonymity avoids so many problems. There are no questions, comments, or ties after publishing a post. It’s only one more in the vast infinity that is the Internet. Lucky are those who come across one of my posts, and can make sense of my words. One can only wish for so much.

Regardless of what happens, I have to focus on the now, on tomorrow, and until then nothing else; in the day to day, in what I have to solve right in front of me. I think it’s the best way to stay sane right now. Maybe at some other time I’ll change my strategy. The important thing is to do what works, and stop doing it when it stops working.


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