Stop daydreaming about war

Every time there are discussions and comments (even if they are jokes) about a possible third world war, I get frustrated and disappointed by the mere thought of some people really wanting such an event to happen; maybe not on such a large scale, but at the level of being able to see the world burn in imbalance and suffering, from the comfort and safety of their personal handheld screens (of course).

Even worse are the people who are waiting for such an event to participate in it, and give some meaning and purpose to their lives. Imagine that, wanting suffering on a global scale to be able to entertain yourself with the details or wanting to be in the front row risking your life.

Violence fetishism. There is no other way to explain it. A fundamental symptom of a sick society. From being glued to the phone watching missiles and bombs detonate in other countries, to binge-watching series of serial killers and interviews with relatives of the victims.

Leave me alone with my books, my films, my series, my dogs, my whiskey, my wine, my pizza… I refuse to participate in the discussion, in the conversation about what would happen, in the possible scenarios of what’s to come. I will not be part of the cult of violence, not even in the realm of my imagination and fantasy.

If there is ever a need for me to resort to some type of savagery, it will be to protect my life, defend the ones I love or be able to make a defining difference in someone’s life.

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