State of momentary levity

Change is coming, I feel it deep inside, the airs and graces around me are different.

There’s greater clarity in my decision-making, and a sense of lightness in the consequences of my actions (for better or for worse).

I definitely still can’t interpret it to a full conclusion, but I do know that I feel differently.

Maybe it’s a momentary thing, and I’m just looking forward to what’s coming in the next few days: Events, meals, days off, new client, end of the month, start of another one…

Hopefully, the feeling doesn’t go away, and only good news arrive.

Although most likely, this is the weekend high speaking because I don’t have to get up early for work for two consecutive days, and because I can stay inside my house for 24 hours, without having to face 20s Fahrenheit temperatures outside.

Yea, that’s it…


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