Low, but pure concentrated dose of cynicism

There’s too many decent, but stupid people in this world.

Of course, it’s always better for a good person to make a mistake, and cause you damage; instead of a malicious person doing the same mistake, and causing the same result. Only the intention changes, but the consequence is the same. It makes you feel better that it wasn’t premeditated, but then again, you ended up with the same problem.

“An accident”

“A mistake”

“An apology”

“Everybody makes mistakes”

Yea, but come on. Eventually, you have to start holding people accountable, and calling their bad moves out loud. “It made me feel this way”, yes, but “it made me react this way”. “That was harsh”, yes, but “it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

Either you become a punching bag for everyone around because you’re stronger, more mature, and know that people makes mistakes; or become the aggressor that’s constantly messing with people to get his way. Karma doesn’t participate here. It’s plain and simple actions and consequences affecting or helping the people around you.

If you have to deal with human beings, they will make mistakes, you will hurt them, they will hurt you, either on purpose, defending themselves or by accident.

The solution? None.

It’s a never ending cycle.

You can take yourself out of the equation and abandon society; or live well-guarded with high boundaries and eventually become emotionally unreachable, insensitive.

Lose-lose situation.

“No, but don’t be a cynic. There are more good moments than bad, and they’re certainly worth it in the end.”

Man… Worth is a subjective value. Everyone assigns value to whatever is important to them. It’s ok for you to live your life treasuring every moment, both good and bad; and it’s also ok for me to avoid being affected by dealing with nice but dumb people that will surely make a mistake, and then think it’s totally ok by feeling bad about it and apologizing. 

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