Know thyself, know others, make changes (or not); search for happiness

I will no longer accept the blame for how other people feel if my intentions were clear, open and noble, if I didn’t do anything, or if I wasn’t even involved, and we’re just discussing a situation.

One cannot live accommodating their life to other people’s sensitivities, weakness and/or shortcomings. One can do it sometimes, be considerate, help, try their best to avoid causing any harm, but you cannot stop being who you really are just because it doesn’t fit the desired mold.

You can however improve upon yourself, find yourself, understand your inner person, and make peace with who you have become and want to become. 

You did wrong, you make it right.
You hurt someone, you apologize.
You take, you give back.

Some people need more than you can give.
Some people only take, without ever giving back.
Some people don’t care about others, just themselves.

Always, always, ALWAYS be honest with yourself.

If your search for happiness leads you down the path of sacrifice, then that’s the path you must walk to become stronger. If you find that growth, ambition and indulgence are the key to your personal joy, then work for it. If you just want to drift through life, and not do absolutely anything, then don’t become a burden for someone else to carry.

I’ll leave you with one of the rarest elements of the human condition, an ABSOLUTE TRUTH:

Don’t be a dick to people.

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