A slice of optimism, with extra whipped cream on top

Things usually end up getting better, even if they take a little longer. The problem is wanting everything to be resolved quickly and on your terms. This is straight up immaturity or ignorance, according to your preferred weakness.

Having control goes up to a certain point, the rest is chaos. Or better yet, most of what happens is chaos. You have to plan to be able to improvise, and prepare to be able to deal with certain future troubles. Nothing else that can be done.

Unless you follow the strategy… No, the “drifting ship” method, or the “going with the flow” method. There are people who live their entire lives like this. I’m not one to judge them and say they’re wrong. Hey, if it works for them, why criticize it. They found their way of playing the game, and they’re betting on better results that way. May they achiever whatever it is they want to achieve.

Just follow THE rules.

The rules of the game have always been the same, and will stay the same:

– Don’t screw over anyone (at least not on purpose)

– Be as kind as possible (whenever possible, make an effort)

– Don’t lie to yourself (and avoid lying to others)


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