Coming to terms with the process [my process]

Less than three weeks left to finish my whole year, writing this blog every day.

I admit that lately I’ve been making a genuine attempt to produce quality content with some kind of substance, going beyond just being honest and authentic with this personal diary type writing.

Most of the time, I’m discussing the same negative topics, such as depression, sadness, cynicism, overburdened daily load, complaining rants… But there are also the days when I celebrate what makes me happy, I talk about how to make the world a better place, the things that fill me with happiness, my future life plans, etc.

The balance is there, and most important of all, is that I function well despite the sudden overloads that I suffer from time to time.

That’s just how it is, I run at 90%-100% capacity while doing all my errands and work tasks during weekdays. Then on weekends, I NEED to decompress, relax and recharge.

This is my process; it’s efficient and has been perfected over the years.

The problem only remaining, or rather, will always be the same: I have no way to prevent someone else (or the universe as an agent of chaos) throwing a wrench in the works, and everything gets fucked.

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