Monday, December, let’s go!

It started, and it’s not going to stop.

First Monday of December, and we’re already less than 4 weeks away from welcoming the new year. Let’s get it done, and fast.

I am ready for 2023. Traveling, trips, concerts, events, in only its first 2 months.

Will it be better? Well, I hope. Although, everything can always go to shit. At least, I HOPE I’ll have a great attitude from the very beginning. So, it doesn’t really matter that much, but well, here we are.

Gotta lie to myself, or try to. Damn this curse of always taking things at face value, and not fantasize future positive outcomes.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about right now, or why I’m even talking about this.

You shouldn’t be setting unrealistic expectations so early.

4 weeks to go. The list of bad things that can happen in almost 1 month-time is immense. Ok, no more talking about the new year until at least December 30 or 31. It’s for the better.

Yes ok… I’m fine. Tomorrow I’ll write something more depressing. Keep balance in the universe, and all that jazz.

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