Society isn’t collapsing anytime soon, but is certainly getting destroyed every day that passes

Between global working and economic conditions, armed intimidation of the LGBTQ community, investment markets collapsing, excessive mounting debt, financial uncertainty, nationwide protests, people advocating a testing that ends in a 99% chimpanzee fatality rate… And those are the first things that came up in my feed, without even digging further down the algorithm.

Just like that, I put the phone down and started playing video games. Then I did yoga, took a long steaming bath, and made myself a protein shake. I needed a mental health break.

Logged back in to reply a DM, and immediately saw a post justifying the elimination of artists and creatives to adopt an AI model that does the same tasks. And an incredible amount of people supporting this. I barely lasted 10 seconds this second time, closed the tab and started listening to a concert.

I can’t, it’s too much. This is not healthy. I’m a person with a safety net, financial security (in part), resources to solve a problem. I’ll admit it, my privileges are checked. Then I start to think and put myself in the shoes of people who are genuinely having a hard time, with no way out of their situation, no help… People who are screwed beyond means with no real solution in sight. And it destabilizes me emotionally.

Out of all the news I mentioned above, maybe one or two affect me directly. I’m not so exposed to the real problems of our society; I’m fortunate.

The serious issue here is, I don’t see this getting any better at all, just getting way worse. The people in power with the responsibility to make decisions for the good of society are not looking after our future. Neither is the extra privileged class, known as the 1%. If anything, they are accelerating the catastrophe at the expense of the most vulnerable.

If sometimes the world gets to me, and I can’t function in a healthy way, even with the safety bubble I can crawl into when I’m having “one of those days”, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for people that don’t have anything to hold on for.

You have to keep going, one day at a time, as the years go by.
Either to fight for a better world or to survive within the chaos.


One response to “Society isn’t collapsing anytime soon, but is certainly getting destroyed every day that passes”

  1. Yes, I think too, that a lot of things are getting worse on a daily basis. But then there are also a few things every day that look like an improvement to our lives! One thing is for sure, there are always changes.

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