An ocean exists in the space between our shoulders

It all started with a failed love story (doesn’t it always?) Excessive amounts of affections, unbridled passion and the naive hope of wanting it to be everlasting, where the laws of time have no authority and every day is unique, and you never want them to end. Until you start a new one, only to end up doing the same. Which is to love. He gave everything for her, willingly, to the point of even questioning good judgment and the logic of his actions.

With all the differences adding up, the flame eventually went out. It’s impossible to keep a campfire going without adding more wood to burn, and then to make matters worse, it starts pouring. The separation was inevitable and left a growing abysmal void between them. 

They agreed to be absent lovers, a non-practicing couple, the kind who do not see each other, do not speak to each other, but think and feel each other no matter where life takes them. He remembered her at dinner while eating with his new sweetheart, and she remembered him in the midst of intimacy with another companion.

The seasons passed until they stumbled again on the same path. After being consumed by the extreme passions building over the months since their unfortunate rupture, they agreed to meet halfway and set sail again in the same boat they had already abandoned, but christened under a different name with equal responsibilities at the helm.

During this adventure, she gave everything for him, but alas, it yielded the same result before. The passion had died once again, and the strong currents already pushed them way off course. Although they became one as the beast with two backs on a regular basis, the intimacy kept fading away with each stroke, ending every act of love with emptiness and distance between them.

They felt the pleasure of eating each other’s flesh, without giving anything else in return beyond succumbing into their hormonal impulses, and trying to regain that which in past flowed massively like a waterfall without putting any effort, and was achieved by simply loving each other; being renewed with each new sunrise.


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