Nothing left to do but wait

After weeks of hardships and actually putting in the effort to resolve my situation, tomorrow is THE day that decides my next 12 months, and I don’t have absolutely any control over it. A random guy gets to decide if I win the lease over several applicants.

Which is complete bullshit by the way ’cause we all need a place to live, we all work and most probably are decent people looking for their own little corner in this city.

What’s the tiebreaker? I know felonies, evictions, bankruptcy, damaged credit will get you flagged and disqualified. But what happens in the event that all of us are good candidates? Will they pick strictly based on higher salary + credit report? Will it be resolved on a first come, First served basis? Maybe even worse, based on first impressions and “I got a good feeling from X person.

If you ask me, that’s fucked up. Also the non-refundable application fee just adds insult to injury.

A person that doesn’t know me or hasn’t even seen me, will make a decision that can potentially fuck over my next couple of months (or at least weeks till I restart my apartment search again).

Searching online,
Calling places,
No answer,
Calling again,
No answer,
Leaving voicemail.
Texting the person,
Coordinating a visit time,
Getting to the place,
Examining it,
Filling out an application…

Rinse and repeat till either you go over budget or are left with the scraps that nobody wanted.

Oh, all of this during 14F to 26F degree weather to add a handicap.
Shit’s tough.

So, yeah.. Tomorrow my life changes (potentially for the best), and there’s nothing I can do to affect the outcome. I already pigged-out on fajitas and I’m about to open a bottle of scotch. Whatever happens, I’ll welcome it with a full stomach and a daylong headache.

Light a candle for me, pour one out for your homey, share your spirit energy, send me some baklava… It’s gonna get inevitably real in just a couple of hours.

Now it’s a great time to stop being a cynic.


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