Friday market bloodbath (sighs, yes, again)

The stock market and crypto assets crashed today, yet again. It’s been a long January of bleeding money. Nothing better than going to sleep with the market already down a good 10% – 15%, then waking up, making some coffee and seeing the market nose-dive another 10%-15% more with YOUR LIFE SAVINGS BEING COMPLETELY DEPLETED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES WITH NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Well, that’s what you get when you participate in a game designed by wealthy people, for wealthy people. 

It always feels good to see green charts reaching new all time highs. Oh what a time to be alive and talk trash to other people missing out.
It always feels worse to see those same charts in the red plummeting like a rollercoaster straight to hell. Please, just leave me alone for a couple of days.

What is there to do? How can you avoid these nauseating moments and just enjoy the good days?

Easy, don’t participate. Don’t ‘put your money to work for you’. Just miss out, put your cash under the mattress or in a SUPER HIGH APY interest savings account, earning a WHOPPING 0.70% (if lucky LOL).

Or be a big boy, or girl, or them… Celebrate when it’s green, go to bed at night, check your apps, see all your gains, hug your phone, smile, fall asleep, dream of future financial certainty, retirement, wake up the next day and repeat. 

Sounds ideal right? 

But on days like these ones (or weeks for that matter), wake up, see all the red, get sick to your stomach, suck it up (or throw up), pour yourself a drink (or ten) and live to keep fighting for another day. If you have kids and/or a partner, well… Good luck. It’s gonna be a shitty couple of days (or rest of the year, LMAO). Try to keep it together.

Word of advice from a fellow veteran ape:
Purchase some stonks or hype coins,
Wait for the crash,
Equip item: “Diamond Hands
Use: “HODL
Heal the bleeding with your preferred coping mechanism (or just use “CURE”)
Patiently wait for the moonshot,
Ride the rocket,


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