Mercy, I yield.

*Note: Yes, I missed my posting every 24-hour streak. But technically no, because I changed time zones, and the post scheduler wasn’t set up right. On top of that, the airport and car rental was a nightmare. Will make another post out of it soon. This one was written on the plane. So, in spirit, it was published on January 22, 2022. You’ll see 2 posts on the same day because of this blunder. My apologies.*

Winter is depressing the shit out of me.

Looking for apartments sucked all my life energy to move, once again.

Renting cars, making hotel reservations and preparing for my trip, is the worst part of any ‘vacation’ (it’s in “‘” because I’ll be working remote AND vacationing simultaneously).

Getting tested for COVID to flight for 8 HOURS and be able to enter a country with a negative result is not the ideal way to start your vacation.

Packing everything in boxes and the anticipation before moving is giving me back pain and stress, literally.

Watching the markets bleed week after week, eating away my savings, only adds uncertainties and instability to my economic future.

Paying twice as much for junk food in an airport is an insult to my weekly salary and nutritional precautions.

Being upcharged to board an airplane a few minutes before everyone else is completely unnecessary, especially with an extra fee just to select your seat between the exact same ones in the cabin. (First class and business class, ok… I get it.)

The baby that keeps screaming and talking loudly inside the plane makes me glad I don’t have to deal with a similar creature every day of my life. (Btw, this always happens to me, always in a nearby row).

Why is it that every time the pilot or flight attendant interrupts my movie to make an announcement with forced maximum volume, it pierces my ear?

Having to wait 30 minutes to get my bag from the little bag rollercoaster (after paying $25 to $40 to have it checked) is the classic traveling trope that will never cease to amaze me.

Taxis and Uber having similar rates of $50 to $75 just to get you from the airport to the hotel is a downright abusive practice.

Sir, will you add insurance for $20 a day? No, I won’t need it. (10 minutes later, literally 10 minutes later). I go over a pothole and fuck up the brand new rim on the rental. Fuck my life.


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