Move out, move in, same day: Ready, set, go!

Finally, finally, FINALLY moved to a new place; a bigger, prettier, better designed place.

It’s THE place.

Great location, very walkable, and NO undesirable neighbors (at least everything looks quiet and everybody minds their own business.)

The nightmare is over. Peace, serenity and natural lighting will reign.

I basically left 70% of my apartment in boxes, then went to vacation. THE vacation, with splurging, AM and PM activities, and of course, tons of authentic regional food.

Came back at 1am,

Slept and had a huge breakfast,

At noon I was already packing what was left and disassembling the bed and couch (that was the very easy part).

First trip to the new apt (2.5 miles from the old one, lol) I did it in my good ol’ trusty Nissan,

Then I picked up the rental van for the bigger stuff.

The whole move took around 6-7 hours (with some breaks included).

There’s still a couple of small stuff left in my old apartment, mostly empty boxes and cleaning supplies, but 99% got done!

I ate a whole box of DiGiorno, and drank a six pack of beers. I officially declare this space my new apartment in Ohio.

Word of advice:

A King mattress is great to sleep in and be comfortable.

If you have one of those orthopedic-foam ones, then it’s possibly the best to lay on.

An orthopedic-foam king mattress is your worst enemy when you need to move.

It knows your weaknesses and fears, it’s stronger than you, it will try its hardest to impede ever being moved again. I may have won the war, but it left me all bloodied up, and will continue to relive the struggle for like a week thanks to its parting gift: lower back pain.


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