The aesthete’s first love

It’s like loving a painting just because of the way it makes you feel… 

You see it,
You reflect on it, 
You get lost inside the canvas with it,
You think reality doesn’t exist outside of it. 
For that brief moment it is your whole world, your complete universe. 

You take with you an emotion that has nothing to do with the brushstroke, the shadows, the lightning or the perspective. Something that is only yours and cannot be explained. No one else can grasp it, because it only exists for you and within you. 

While others could love the same painting because they admire the work the artist went through to create it, his frustrations, the technique used, the reason for its colors… 

Although the same artwork may not awaken similar intense feelings within you, the execution it’s still worthy of admiration and respect, creating an unexpected enthusiasm that forces you to accept it for what it is and will be part of you for the rest of your life because its recognition exceeds your personal expectation, and that could be very well be called ‘true love.’


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