Love: prefer, want or need

Do you prefer spontaneous kisses on the forehead or being stared at like you’re the only one in the world?

Do you prefer someone who cooks for you everyday or someone that surprises you with flowers every once in a while?

Do you prefer someone that gives you sweet words all the time or someone that doesn’t say the words, but turns them into action?

Do you want a great kisser during the day or an expert in bed at night?

Do you want a person that’s always around family and friends or someone that thrives being alone in intimacy?

Do you want someone that cuddles you when watching a movie or someone that holds you at night when sleep?

Do you need someone that talks about every feeling or someone that demonstrates how they’re feeling?

Just some things to think about before choosing the next person you want to be with. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll find someone with a little bit of everything.


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