T-Minus 18 hours to access the Internet

Nine days in total. This has been the longest I’ve been without Wi-FI in an apartment ever since I moved out from my parents house on my own during college (like a decade ago). 

No streaming series, no online video games, no updates, no high-speed access to the digital world, no ultimate procrastinating levels…

I survived these past days using my iPhone’s 5G connection and 6-inch screen at maximum capacity for social media, entertainment purposes and ‘work from home’ hotspot.

During the blizzard, I ate, drank and watch old movies from my portable hard drive. Can’t complain. Although, it would’ve been THE perfect moment to start rewatching Sopranos for the fifth time. Well…

It’s not like I’m addicted to the net or any of that bs, I can do fine without it. It’s just that I miss the convenience of having everything connected and easily accessible. Also, working from a hotspot is a total pain in the ass.

Alexa, dim bedroom lamp.
Alexa, shuffle Earth, Wind and Fire.
Alexa, order my grocery list.

Effortlessly done.

SUPPOSEDLY, the internet guy will visit my apartment in the afternoon. He’s so nice and responsible that he even gave me a 12pm-6pm window for the appointment, blocking out most of my day according to his estimated schedule. 

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to be there.”
— Of course, I have to be there to let you in.
“I won’t go inside the apartment.” 
— Ok, so… How will you set up the hookup?
“There’s no need.”
— Mmmmm.

This will go wrong, I just know it. The signals for possible failing are already there. It’s just a matter of odds, and with the way my streak has been going recently, I would totally bet against me winning.


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