Stability ahead, smooth sailing awaits

Tomorrow I officially start my new side gig. I haven’t had a ‘second job’ since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Now that I reminisce, my schedule before ‘everything changed’ was pretty packed. Between my main “9am to 5pm” job as Chief editor (still going strong), freelancing copywriter once in a while and some clients that literally paid me to stay with their dogs and watch their home, I was always busy.

Supposedly, I was doing all this to save money to buy a property. The plan was to live on the second floor and rent the ground floor. The mortgage will be basically paid automatically with the rent payments, I would build equity and gain a passive income. It was perfectly set up for success.

What could go wrong? Well… Something about a bat, a pangolin, virus mutations and really dumb people fucking up basic instructions changed the whole program.

— Side note: No, I’m not saying my situation is in any way comparable to people that lost everything, got sick or died. Of course, millions of people went through hell. At the very worse, it just got ‘very bad’ for me lots of times during these last two years, but everything worked out well and I’m grateful where I am right now.—

Back to the central theme of this post, the new side gig.

Between moving around through four states, settling in Ohio, buying a car, publishing two novels, furnishing two apartments, dealing with the whole dog situation (RIP Danzo, the realest, miss you), I took a couple of heavy financial hits. Luckily, all the money I saved for the ‘perfect plan’ helped keep me afloat with some smart investments.

I’ve spent the last two years going through many changes, making life decisions every couple of months to get rid of some uncertainty, living in constant fluctuation depending on variables that I had absolutely no control over.

Now it’s all starting to come together. At last!
You could say that I’m definitely past the climax and falling action.
The resolution is right in front of me.

A new normal will be re-established.
And a new story will begin, once again.


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