A covert truth (pt. 2)

**To read part one of this story, click here**


— I may be a moron, but I know more than you’ll ever know in your whole life and the next. You don’t even have any idea of what you don’t know, because you don’t have a way to find out. Until now. Today, I’ll give you a little peak. See if you can handle it. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Delaney.

Both men got goosebumps upon hearing this.

— (He made a single loud clap) Are we ready?

As he signaled the way through the newly opened secret hallway right in front of them.


— Yes?

“What my good friend is trying to say is that —“

He got interrupted abruptly by his partner.


There was an awkward silence that extended all the way across the room. Then immediately was cut by a boisterous laughter.

— HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. I’m in tears… (sighs) What a riot you two are. Fuck me. 

He then put both his arms around their necks and hugged together with them.

— You really think I care about name calling at this level? Me? Do you know that I can disappear you whenever I want and nobody would be able to ever find you guys. Or arrest you on some bullshit treason charges and make you an enemy of the country on the news. I can keep parading you around different prisons your whole life… I can do whatever the fuck I want with little to no consequences. Believe me… Name calling is on my list, but way at the bottom. We’re good, Jackson. Just don’t call me a moron again. Unless I deserve it.

The men looked at each other and exhaled in relief, knowing that the worst that could happen to them was just taken off the table. 

“Thank you, Mr. President. Again. We’re truly sorry. I apologize for my friend’s behavior.”

— You guys don’t even have the slightest idea. Ignorance is truly bliss.

He kept laughing, this time less intense, to himself.

— I needed a good laugh. Hope you can maintain that same attitude once we get to the lab.

“I’m sorry… Did you say ‘the lab’?”

—Come on, time to go. 

The president separated himself from the men, and started walking inside. It was a dark hallway, wide enough to fit two men side-by-side, but extended as far as the eye could see. The moment all of them were just a few steps in, the door behind them slammed by itself, closing completely. Not a ray of light entered the hallway, it was entirely dark. 

You could hear the president’s footsteps getting fainter every second, distancing himself from the two men that were frozen a few feet from the door. 

— Well? What are you waiting for?!! Come on! It’s literally a straight line. Don’t you guys have any fucking cellphones on you?

They checked their pockets and couldn’t find anything besides their wallets, a few pieces of gum, their visitors passes and some change.

“Mr. President, we don’t have any cellphones. We left them at the—“

— At the security checkpoint, of course. No cellphones allowed inside. I know, Delaney.

You could hear rustling of pockets. Then a lighter clicking, creating a small flame that illuminated the President’s face. The flame went out and an intense smell oversaturated the atmosphere, followed by a burning ring that stayed lit, revealing his mouth, partially.

— Never a better time for a cigar, am I right? Follow me.

Even though it was still dark, with only a little burning cigar crown lighting the way, their eyesight started adjusting to the darkness and could at least almost make out half the President’s body figure and the walls surround them. Depending on the angle. 

“Hey man. Do you have any idea what is going to happen?”

“I’m just as lost as you are.”

“You know, if I could take the whole moron thing back, I would, without any hesitation.”

“Dude, don’t even start.”

— What are you two talking about? You know I have super hearing abilities! Even if it’s a whisper, I can listen to everything you say. Even if you don’t talk and just move your lips, I can read them. I’m inside your mind, I can even know what you’re thinking right now.

Jackson and Delaney looked at each other completely confused, barely making out their faces. They won’t underestimate the President’s claims, but at the same time, this seemed way too far fetched to be believable.

— I’ll prove it. Right now you two are thinking that all this is complete bullshit and I could be lying to you guys, but at the same time, you still believe me.

They gasped.

— And one of you wants to fuck a mermaid. (He started laughing again, then coughed). I’m just yanking your chain. Who’s the moron now? We’re getting there. Stay close.



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