Daily blog post loading (updated and finished)

Hey! Currently in the middle of an 8-hour drive crossing state lines.

Post will be published soon.

I know it feels like cheating, but it’s not.

It’s being responsible.

Don’t text and drive!!

Those couple of sentences above was me writing something fast to let you know that I didn’t forget about this. I never do. It’s just that time after 6pm usually flies and gets rolled into a huge mess with everything I didn’t do during the day, plus the things that could go wrong (and of course they do).

Hell of a weekend. Filled with surprises, ticking bombs, lose-lose scenarios, vip concert, good times, bad times… You know, your daily slice of 21st century working class slice of life. At least everything worked out well in the end.

Could’ve been way worse, and I mean catastrophically worse. But, one gets older, matures, sets boundaries and learn to pick battles. (Also, learns how to apologize. That one is a big one).

Note to self: Any drive over 6 hours has to be taken at ease, with absolutely no rush and especially no other activity after it. Plan ahead and avoid a full agenda the same of your drive. You’ll thank me for this one.


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