Go run a block (believe me, it works)

Alright, this is a very personal one. Again short, but right to the groin.

An empty stomach is the first step towards a bad time. Always, always, eat first. Have your breakfast, your first meal of the day. Lots of protein. Get ready for an adventure, or a shitty time. Both need energy, don’t lose your cool.

Ok, if you’re ever losing control. Go run a lap. I can guarantee you, you’ll cool down.

Trust me. This saves relationships.

Don’t get aggressive, don’t punch a wall, don’t say anything hurtful.

Just say: “Excuse me. Gimme a minute, please. I’ll be right back.

Then go outside and run a fucking lap. Do some fucking push-ups, power walk. Burn some fucking energy, clear it out.

Not only will you avoid hurting someone (or yourself). You’ll also get some cardio done and build an appetite for your next meal.

That’s what I call a win-win scenario.


Still on CST. Loving this 2-hour difference.


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