How to go from seeing red, to seeing blue

I have never experienced road rage in my life. Nor have felt anger turning into violence towards any living being (maybe a tree or car at some point, an inanimate object, of course. Bigger and stronger than me). Fair game, no one gets hurt, play ball. 

But I have seen red like four times during my 30 years of age and change. Real red; the one that blocks your mind, affects your normal breathing and involuntarily contracts your muscles.

Now, I’m guessing every person experiences to an extent some kind of emotional unbalance when triggered, but what differentiates one person from another is how they react and manage those negative feelings.

Me? I just need to get away from the scene, walk out, breathe clean air, see the sky, move my legs, stretch my arms… Basically feel my body reconnecting again with my mind after the forced dissociation. 

This works perfectly for me, proven each and every time, again and again. It’s getting to the point where I’m so fine-tuned, that I perceive an actual physical warning first. Similar to a shock, a nausea, a “get the fuck out and clear your mind” prompt. I just have to press the execute key to start the command, say something nice and courteous, like: “Excuse me, I need to get some air. I’ll be back in a second.”

Once outside, then you can give in to your animal instincts. Go jog, sprint, scream, meditate, take off your shoes and touch grass, take off your shirt and feel the sun (or 30 degree winds), cry, talk to yourself, anything but causing pain.

I call this “The run a block method”. Click on the link for a very short introduction.

One must find a way to channel destructive feelings, ground them, or better yet, turn them into something productive. Some enlightened beings can filter them, transform those damaging emotions, and give back love and affection.

I’m not saying that should be your goal. Believe me, just understanding those feelings and being able to identify them is hard enough.
I’m saying you should at least learn to handle yourself, and avoid hurting anyone within your reach.

I call that “the decent human being method”.


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