The key to hating your job and still finding happiness

I don’t want to work today —>
 Who even wants to work +40 hours a week. But we gotta pay the bills. Literally work to survive. That’s the system we have in place. I mean, you can get some incentives and aids, but we all know they’re not enough or simply put, you won’t be able to afford anything nice and will always be one step closer to not being able to make do.

I hate my job —> Well, about 90% of the working class feels some sort of hate towards their job (Source: Trust me, bro). Not even talking about ‘I hate working to make another person richer’, that’s a whole other conversation. Being tied to a job you can’t stand leads to mental health issues or just general unhappiness every day, which will definitely lead to depression. Fast forward a few months, or even years, then you’re taking happy pills (or sad pills, however you want to call them) to be able to get out of bed every day and do basic stuff like showering, eating and putting on clean clothes. 

I should get paid more —> Who the hell is getting paid the wage they truly deserve? Certainly not your average blue/white/pink collar worker. “Deserve” is truly the key word here. Politicians do not ‘deserve’ to get paid so much (to fuck up the country and get even richer). CEOs do not ‘deserve’ to get paid so much (if their company is going bankrupt or their employees consist of basically a modern-era and legal slavery.

All my coworkers are shitty people —> Bummer, a toxic work environment is very common and extremely distressing for those affected by it. Besides the run-of-the-mill drama which can easily be avoided by not getting involved and keeping to yourself (Believe me, these people thrive on attention. They don’t mess with those not playing ‘the same game’), there’s also classic workplace bullying at an adult age and the worst of the worst: brown-nosers, bootlickers and snitches. Goddamn it. The lowest on the food-chain, the ones that hurt nice people for no reason whatsoever. Even if there’s no quid-pro-quo, they’ll keep doing it because that’s how parasites and sick cells operate, it’s their nature.

My bosses are not only morons, but they excel at mediocrity and micromanaging—> This one really tops all the other ones in this list of grievances. Micromanaging leads to unhappy workers, breaking established protocols and unnecessary anxiety and stress among the teams. A boss that’s constantly controlling or interrupting your work will likely fuck it up, instead of providing assistance or guidance (which is their job, supposedly). This is the golden rule of micromanaging. And the mediocrity, where do I even start. The first sign of a company that will soon be ruined is plain old mediocre behavior at director and executive levels. It’s a contagious sickness. Once the upper level exhibits its symptoms, the rest of the lower levels will follow. Fast-forward a year or three, and the company is in the shithole. “Where did we go wrong.” I can assure you that external factors most probably started the problems, but without the right leadership to navigate a crew efficiently, you’ll sink; guaranteed.

A) If you identify with one or two of these: It’s time to start making personal changes to avoid being affected by the workplace.
B) If you identify with three or four of these: It’s time to get another job.
C) If you identify with ALL of them: You can either follow A and B to gain some sort of control for the better, OR, plan and prepare for the worst and cruise control. This last one only applies to certain specific scenarios and people (it’s not for everyone). Go to your job, ignore the drama, hey, put yourself in the middle of some drama, have fun with the shitty people, do the minimum, don’t get mad, never get mad, chill, numb yourself, bask in the surrounding mediocrity, get paid every 2 weeks and keep living. Mind you, for this to work you need a very strong inner core to avoid being corrupted. Have another life after work, a positive one. Write a book, volunteer, take classes, train, play some fucking video games, whatever makes you sane and keeps you happy.

There are 168 hours in a week. 
Let’s say between work and commute, you have 50 less. 
Sleep, let’s be generous, and assign 7 hours per night, rounded up that’s 50 more.
So work and sleep that’s 100. 

You still have over 60 hours a week to find and enjoy what makes you happy. Don’t let them win.


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