Milestone reached! Over 100 blog posts

I’ve finally surpassed 100 days of writing and publishing a post every single day (but who’s counting?).

And being completely honest, not really in the mood to celebrate. It’s barely a third of the whole journey, still a long way to go.

There are days, like today, that I don’t feel absolutely any pleasure nor motivation to sit down on my desk and write ‘today’s blog post’. But, that’s the whole point of this project: Discipline, prioritizing, and routine.

It really saddens me when I think of this blog as responsibility, a task, a burden… Aren’t you suppose to feel joy every time you do what you love, what you decided to spend your time on, what creates an authentic space where you can finally be who you are and express yourself…

I usually shake it off once I get past the first and second paragraph. “Finding my groove” you may say, “Vibing with words” you can also say.
But I would call it “Recognizing, accepting and succumbing to my genuine feelings every day”. Personal growth and matureness, even it’s forced in the form of a daily blog, it’s still a worthy accomplishment.

Incredibly enough, this is WAY harder than writing a whole book (believe me, I published two in two years.) Creating story-arcs, developing characters and following the plot diagram ON YOUR OWN TIME is much more easier than a daily blog, definitely a shorter amount of time and with writings breaks every couple of weeks to let ideas rest.

Once I start organizing and writing my last thoughts, everything becomes clearer. I get rewarded with a sense of personal gratification, satisfaction and realization that’s keeps me hoping for another day to write anything that comes to my mind.

Another day down, over 250 to go.
All is well, indeed: “One must imagine himself happy.”


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