A perfect Sunday goes as follows

Once every once in a while, the universe delivers a perfect day with mishaps. Obviously, everyone’s definition of a ‘perfect day’ varies, that’s what makes it so special when it happens (especially if shared with your special person).

First, you must have had a great night before.
Then you wake up whenever your want, and get out of bed when you desire.
Next is having breakfast (or lunch) however big you want it, hey, add booze it-up. It’s your day.
After that comes a flurry of activities to your heart’s content (hiking, shopping, lounging on the couch, watching sports… Sky’s the limit.)
Ok, now is when it gets really good. You did everything you wanted during the whole day, happiness is through the roof. You check the time, and. it’s only 5pm. YOU STILL HAVE THE REST OF THE FUCKING AFTERNOON AND WHOLE NIGHT TO KEEP DOING WHAT YOU WANT!
Oh, it’s already time for bed. Hot steaming shower, and in bed 2 hours earlier than normal.

Voila! You wake up perfectly recharged to start the week. No matter how bad your week may get, you still have the memory of ‘that perfect Sunday’. Not only that, now you have hope that one day you’ll be able to repeat it once again.

And that’s enough to keep fighting for one more day.


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