March 29, 2022: The day I finally bought a printer

I went through high school, college, grad school and my young adult life printing at my neighbors’ house, dad’s office, Office Max, computer labs at the universities, then my job, and even my friends’ jobs. Of course, it was never more than 1-3 pages. So, it wasn’t any problem at all.

Printers have been my nemeses since a very early age. First it was “the cost of ink refilling is too high, only print what’s necessary.” Then they started breaking down with any small hardware problem that required the minimum expertise to fix.

If I remember correctly, every single time I actually needed to print something last minute for a class or government documents, the printer failed. I had to run over to the printing shop or call in favor because time was tight. That’s not a good way to live.

I cannot depend on something that will break down when I needed it the most. It literally only has one job, PRINT.

Fast forward to today, I’m in need of printer once again. This time, is for my taxes and accounting documents that “need to be printed, signed and mailed.” Ok, Mr. CPA, I’ll do as you wish, but please help me avoid getting on the IRS’s shitlist, I really need a good tax return for this fiscal year. My summer vacations depend on it.

Now I got a new printer with no place to put it in. It’s on the floor just staring at me with its blinking lights and buttons. The little screen says:

Status: Ready to print.

That’s what they all say.
I’ll believe when I see it. First I have to buy some paper. Another first in my life.

Didn’t even tell you the best part of all: It only cost me $10 at the local goodwill shop.


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