PSA: Stay clear of vices

As long as the vices exist, man will be slave to them.

He who serves gambling, drugs, sex, etc. shall hold the power.

Generation after generation, that is the story of humanity, being caught in the same detrimental cycle till death. 

Most people never even go near them. A few lucky ones fall into deep shallow waters with them, and manage to reach the shoreline of survival before the end. But A LOT of people lose everything they have fighting to escape from their clutches.

I’ve seen the wreckage firsthand. How a man gives in, and ruins every single thing in his life: careers, credit, savings, mortgage, relationships, losing the support of family members because they can’t witness the downfall or even worse, being brought down to the bottom with them.

Turning to crime to make amends (or try to find a breather) is another huge issue in this intricate web of problems. Loansharks, organized crime, larceny, selling drugs… Spiraling down full speed into the abyss with no way out.

There are emergency lines, support programs, and therapy treatments for those that want to beat the demons inside of them.

I’ve heard time and time again that the good thing about reaching rock-bottom, it that you have nothing more to lose, and the only way to go is up.

Hopefully, more people will avoid hitting the bottom before realizing their imminent end. May you find the help you need to start the climb.


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