Fools Spring, Third Winter, Mud Season, and then Summer

First Monday of April! Spring weather is here (not). Maybe coming soon, most likely in a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter. We’re basically skipping spring and replacing with a ‘chill winter temperature”, then immediately jumping into summer with 80F.

Lots of work and stuff to do this month. Gonna use it as a transition period to start May and the rest of the summer with things already organized and plan. Yes, that is the way.

Can’t wait for a couple of months of decent weather. Right now mornings can be lower 20s, midday lower 50s, and in the evening it drops down to 30s again. Getting kind of sick of this, but at least it’s not single digits again. Blessed for like 7 months more. I even felt happy saying that: “Only 7-8 months more till winter comes back again”.

Then summer comes, and I’ll just complain about being too hot to be outside, and how I’m sweating nice clothes, and how I’ll just want it to be winter again because at least I don’t sweat at all. LMAO. That’s exactly how stupid I will sound pretty soon, guaranteed.

Oh, I completely forgot about monsoon/wet/rainy season, where it rains for 3 days straight and everything gets muddy. Fuck me. All this shit is kinda new for me. When bad weather came, I just stopped traveling and returned home to the Caribbean.

And that’s the reason why people move to tropical climates, to avoid all the bullshit weather changes. Present me totally gets it.

“I love seasons too much, I love seasons… So do I, that’s why I live in a place that skips the shitty ones. Because I love seasons.”
– Daniel Tosh


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