A post about doing nothing

Today is one of those nights that I just want to watch some football highlights on YouTube, maybe play some video games. Hell… I’ll even get to researching and studying for my next novel or even update my financials. ANYTHING but writing. Just not feeling.

Everything is going more than OK. Fully booked with clients. Tons of events line-up for May and June. Money is good, appetite is untouched and I’m getting my daily sleep without any problems.

The only thing that bothers me is that I have to wake up (again), work to pay my bills (again), think about doing the laundry eventually (again), behave like a social human being living in society for another day (again).

What I really want to do is nothing. Just exist, breathe, read a lil bit, write a lil bit, touch grass, go for walk, shower for 20 minutes, stay wet and air-dry, listen to some tunes, go to sleep. And the next day? Who the fuck knows. Complete freedom from responsibilities is the goal.

I don’t know about you guys, but I never get bored. There’s too much to think about, talk about, observe, learn, listen, read… If you give me back those 40 hours a week, I’ll definitely do something to improve society’s wellbeing.

I’ll get to it after a couple of months (or years) of doing nothing, of course.


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