Going out on a weeknight? Well… Let me think about it. Ok, yes.

This is exactly why I stopped going out on work-nights during the week; it’s an assured demise.

It always starts the same way.

“Hey, look who is coming to town?”
— Who?
“This guy, with his new tour.”
— Damn, I know how much you like him. But isn’t it on a Tuesday night?
“Yea, but I can keep it responsible. Let’s go. It’ll probably finish early.”

The night of the concert:
“Oh, it’s only a concert, it’ll be done by 10pm-11pm. It’s starts in the early evening”. 
— Everything will be alright. We’ll get there early, and leave early. 

Concert starts, I’m chill. Standing up, vibing…
“Hey, do you want a drink?”
— No, I’m cool. Gonna keep it clean. There’s work tomorrow.

Concert is still going, getting better. Standing up, moving side by side.
“Hey, do you want a half an edible? It’s one of the low-dose ones.
— Half of it, you say? 
— Low-dose you say? 
“Yea. I mean, kind of.”
— Well… ok. Gimme it.

Concert is great. Standing up, dancing.
“Hey, I’m gonna get something to drink. Do you want a water or a Ginger Ale?
— Well… Concert is gonna end soon. I’ll have a whiskey double. Medium shelf, please.

Concert ended. Driving back to the apartment.
“It’s still kinda early, right? I still have stuff to do. Let’s get back.”

Concert is long done. At the apartment.
“I have to work and do some stuff in the computer. Can you fix me another drink? 

Concert was earlier in the night. It’s after midnight, at the apartment.
“We should eat something before going to sleep. We have work tomorrow. You know what? Imma prepare some salmon, and serve some carrot hummus while we’re waiting. Do you think you can make me a drink while I finish everything up? Make it stiffer.”

Concert was last night. Early morning, waking up at the apartment 
“Fuck me, this is exactly why I stopped going out on work-nights during the week. Never again.”


2 responses to “Going out on a weeknight? Well… Let me think about it. Ok, yes.”

  1. Hahaha. A lot of people would say ‘I’m better than that’, but this is probably what they’ll end up doing. Thanks for being so honest. I haven’t drank in quite a while exactly because of this, which is why I totally relate!

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    • I’ll just say three things:

      1) This blog is 100% about being honest and authentic. Thanks for reading.
      2) If drinking (or succumbing to vices), keep it safe.
      3) “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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